Jaredd Bell


Age 32; Currently residing in Morehead City, NC with my beautiful wife Elizabeth and our 3 dogs Scarlet, Kiwi, and Sydney.

What I Do:

I am the owner of Jaredd Bell Studio. We work closely with marketing agencies and art directors to create conceptual advertising images for businesses to help them promote products, sell products, stand out and be seen. I love working on concepts, sets, lighting and shooting with models/athletes. For me, the photography is just the beginning of the creative process. 


Surfing, Basketball, UNC Tarheels fan, Digital Artwork

Computer Setup:

A 15" Apple MacBook Pro, a 27" iMac, a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet

My Favorite Things:

  1. Wacom Intuos Tablet
  2. Einstein Strobes
  3. ThinkTank Airport Bag
  4. Behance
  5. CGSociety
  6. Adobe Photoshop CC
  7. Adobe Lightroom CC
  8. The Grid: Podcast
  9. KelbyTraining.com
  10. Exposure website